About Glitter Alley

Glitter Alley

Bonnie and Morris, the founders of Glitter Alley were brought together as if by fate. After becoming great friends they became business partners when Glitter Alley first opened it’s doors on September 23th, 2011.  Sharing a passion for business, customer service, and providing unique items and gifts, they have grown Glitter Alley into the must visit store Downtown Melbourne.

Both founders have a light hearted and fun attitude that is evident when you first walk through the door.  This energy is best represented by the amazing selection of unique, collectible, and often times whimsical merchandise they stock.  Glitter Alley carries a wide range of merchandise including home decor, jewelry, statures and figures, clothing and accessories.

Bonnie Hernandez is an extraordinary artist who gets many of her ideas through dreams, even waking up at 3 a.m. when she gets an idea for her crafts. In addition to being an artist, Bonnie is an interior designer and merchandiser by trade.  Her extraordinary skills and passion are visible through the well merchandised store displays.

Glitter Alley

Morris McQuay was a home contractor in Maryland for thirty years before relocating to the Space Coast. His years of business acumen and hard work has been used to help Glitter Alley grow into the business it is today.